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Latest White Papers

Inclusivity In Retail Banking

Why study inclusion now? It’s been a hot topic for the past ten years, with chief diversity officers and DEI training becoming more commonplace. However,...

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Inclusivity In Retail

Inclusion has grown in importance and is being recognized in a variety of areas, including retail store design. In retail store design, inclusiveness entails making...

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SLD’s 2023 Trends Report

As the calendar turns to the new year, brands have faced numerous challenges throughout the year. From growing digital workforces to the latest NFT craze,...

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The Supermarket of the Future

What does the future of the supermarket look like? In our latest design exploration, we examine what the grocery sector can do to bring excitement...

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Recycling sign

The Future of Sustainable Packaging

Understanding the sustainable packaging context Brands, retailers, and consumers increasingly want to reduce their use of unsustainable products and packaging. However, visiting a supermarket anywhere...

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Measuring what matters

How do you measure experience? This is the question SLD’s recent study aims to answer. Justifying the business case for transformation through return-on-investment metrics has...

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SLD’s 2022 Trends Report

Welcome to SLD’s second annual trends report! Last year, we were in the midst of a global pandemic that called into question what the future...

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