Our publications section, driven by President Jean-Pierre Lacroix, helps marketing professionals advance their knowledge and learning in all core marketer competencies. His books provide ground-breaking ideas and approaches in the industry to provide our readers with in-depth, relevant content, progressive ideas, and actionable insights that are applicable to your specific projects.  Our insights equip brand marketers with the tools for success and provide a platform for discussion.

Latest Publications

JP Design By Desire

Desire by Design

Conventional thinking has brands constantly scrambling to give customers what they want. But what if wanting is no longer enough? A customer may want a

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JP Belonging Experiences

Belonging Experiences

How does a business create strong brand loyalty when there is so much competition for customers attention and needs? In Belonging Experiences, author Jean-Pierre Lacroix

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JP RGD Business of Graphic Design

The Business of Graphic Design

Jean-Pierre Lacroix was a contributing author for RGD’s The Business of Graphic Design, “the first and only comprehensive Canadian guide to maintaining a graphic design business.” The handbook

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