Brands are stories told through image, space, experience and messaging. It goes deeper than what you’re selling to something fundamental and powerful. We help brands unlock these stories and then tell them masterfully.

Visual Identity Design

At SLD we create innovative visual identities by tapping into consumers unmet needs. Starting from the ground up, we build upon a brand card and market position, allowing us to articulate the brand essence through design. It’s at the heart of everything we do.

Style Guidelines

When developing a strong brand image, style guidelines are essential. Elements such as typography, color and shape help present a cohesive brand image. We help establish eye-catching and memorable style guidelines that allow your brand’s image to remain ingrained in the consumers’ mind. Our guidelines ensure your marketing team and partners can execute all brand elements correctly, ensuring timeless strong brand coherence.

Corporate Communications

The message a brand conveys is equally as important as the image they present. Words can make or break a brand- and our team of SLD experts is tremendously skilled with communicating for brands. Through analyzing a brand’s identity, we’re able to write strong, clear messaging that evokes a positive response from consumers, stakeholders, or internal employees.

Out-of-Home Marketing

Everywhere you go- from public transit to city billboards, advertising is present. Yet as common as it is, we understand the necessity in creating unique marketing campaigns and visuals that remain in the consumers’ mind long after they see it. Our team of designers and strategists help create marketing collateral that is relevant, eye-catching and resonates with your target audience.

Brand Architecture

The relationships between brands, sub-brands and various products can make an enormous difference to their success in the market. We determine the optimal architecture to achieve the best outcomes and ensure that we create solutions that powerfully communicate the desired solutions.


Words have the power to transform and inspire. From social media to packaging, we’re skilled at writing intriguing messaging that’ll hook consumers from the get-go. Brand awareness is amplified when the message is strong- that’s why we take a customer-focused approach that ensures our copy aligns with your brand personality while resonating with your audience.