Realizing the power of retail is our passion. The store is a sea of endless opportunities. We can transform the entire experience or support more focused initiatives – but whatever the ask, it all comes back to this: the customer wants to be wowed. Let’s make it happen.

Retail Design

Throughout SLD’s 30 plus years, we have been at the forefront of innovative retail design. From environmental design and wayfinding to digital signage and customer journey mapping, we aim to create immersive experiences that connect on an emotional level. As consumer expectations continue to evolve, we pride ourselves on developing new ways to deliver memorable moments.

Retail Activation & Pop-Up Design

Getting your customers excited about your brand through innovative and differentiated experiences is one of the best ways to drive sales and establish loyalty. We go beyond typical brand activations to create shareable moments that make customers laugh, smile, and of course, drive sales.

Environmental Graphic Design

Even the shortest of moments can leave a lasting impression, which is why signage and wayfinding is so important in any retail experience. At SLD, we believe that environmental graphic design should be equal parts informative and entertaining, leading us to create memorable place branding that reflects a brand’s identity and establishes a positive association with a physical space.


At SLD, we believe purchases are made in the blink of an eye. That’s why creating eye-catching visual merchandise strategy is key. Our team of designers and strategists leverage consumers insights and knowledge to develop and execute innovative visuals that not only drive purchases but also bring customers back again and again.

Roll-out Optimization

We have years of experience helping retail brands implement physical transformation of their networks. SLD can support through full-service project management with an optimized, efficient and cost-effective process, or alternatively we can create a master plan for the roll-out to act as a road map for your own project management team. We work with construction and architecture firms, suppliers, store managers and your project lead to determine the most efficient roll-out process for your initiative.

Design Guidelines

Our experienced team of designers, production artists and photographers ensure that all artwork and assets represent your brand beautifully and live up to the design intent. Attention to detail, experienced production artists and a collaborative creative process with partners are critical in ensuring superb final art at the execution stage.