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Meet Our Team


Meet Our Team

Strategic design lies at the core of all we do. We have built a creative and dynamic team of designers and thinkers who are leaders in their respective fields of expertise and who provide clients with powerful insights during project execution.
We don’t simply deliver on clients’ requests; we question, research, direct, enhance and steer these desires towards designs, brands, products and services that successfully chart new customer territories with results that exceed expectations.
We operate on the principles of collaboration and engagement, always ensuring that the voice of the client and their stakeholders are heard. We guide organizations toward the desired branding and design destination.

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Jean-Pierre Lacroix

When it comes to the design industry, President Jean-Pierre Lacroix is always one step ahead in the branding and design game. A visionary design thinker, author...

design, Meet Our Team
Richard Dirstein
Principal; EVP, Creative & Innovation

Richard leads the Shikatani Lacroix Design creative vision and produces results that flawlessly integrate with all aspects of a client’s business and design s...

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Derek Petridis
Principal, Chief Financial Officer

Derek is an expert at allocating resources to invest in areas of opportunity that deliver added value to SLD and its clients. He manages the day-to-day business...

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Diane Mullane
VP, Client Services and New Business

Whether it’s hosting a cottage party with friends and family or interacting with our valued clients, Diane’s warm and hospitable personality shines. Since j...

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Kim Yokota
VP, Design

Fuelled by creativity and curiosity, Kim’s discerning eye observes the world as a camera lens. She captures the extraordinary in the everyday, and she transfe...

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Beverley Wells
VP, Branded Environments

A fervent film buff, Beverley knows a winning performance and she also knows how to direct one in environmental design, excelling in all aspects, from retail to...

design, Meet Our Team
Janice Jaworski
VP, Managing Director

With 25+ years of strategic brand development and communications leadership experience, Janice brings deep expertise in branding, design innovation, and busines...

design, Meet Our Team
Kevin Chan
Client Services Director, Retail

Kevin is responsible for design planning, business development, and managing client relationships for Shikatani Lacroix Design’s retail design and constructio...

design, Meet Our Team
Gary Oakley
Creative Director

Gary brings both strategic insight and creative instinct to the table, uniting the left and right brain in an unusual, extraordinarily impactful package as Crea...

design, Meet Our Team
Teddy Ma
Managing Director, Pacific Rim

Teddy brings over 15 years of brand strategy, management and design experience to SLD. He has his Masters of Branding Strategy and Design from Brunel University...

design, Meet Our Team
Murtuza Kitabi
Director, Creative Services, Studio & Production

There are several different ways to say “Great” in Hindi, which is perhaps why it’s Murtuza’s favourite word. Articulate in several languages and cultur...

design, Meet Our Team
Sheryl Keller Ziesmann
Design Director, Wayfinding

Sheryl’s unwavering resourcefulness, clear-sighted strategic thinking, and keen sense of organization have been key assets in many large-scale, multifaceted p...

design, Meet Our Team
Daniel Terenzio
Immersive Solutions Director, Digital Experience

As Director of Immersive Solutions at SLD, Daniel oversees the integration of technology, innovation, and immersive experiences. His focus is to develop technic...

design, Meet Our Team
David Magnus
Technical Director, Digital Experience

With more than 20 years of IT experience, David Magnus has worked in telecommunications, network and system administration, and development. David joins us from...

design, Meet Our Team
Bryan Lue
Director, Technology

They say patience is a virtue, but never is it more valued than when we need IT assistance. SLD’s Director of Technology for more than 15 years, imperturbable...

design, Meet Our Team
Kunal Chopra MBA, PMP
Financial Services Transformation Strategist

Kunal is a collaborative and results-oriented business transformation leader and management consultant. Over a 20 year career, his passion and expertise in end-...

design, Meet Our Team
Marcelo de Campos Mendonça, MBA
Brand Strategist

Marcelo is a creative professional with a business acumen. Prior to  completing his MBA at Rotman, with a major in Brand Management and Business Design, he wor...

design, Meet Our Team
Glenn Dixon
Brand Strategist

Glenn is an interior design and brand professional. Glenn Dixon has been a leading name in the interior design industry since 1999. Specializing in retail, r...

design, Meet Our Team
Sydney McMurter
Researcher and Strategist

Not satisfied with simply studying the world, Sydney's inquisitive nature has taken her far and wide to explore it. And when she's not experiencing global trend...