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Helping brands predict and navigate change through emotional connections—today and into the future.

Shikatani Lacroix Design works across all industry sectors in virtually every communication discipline to deliver resilient, agile and emotionally engaging customer experiences.  Everything we do focuses on owning the Blink Factor moment, that powerful, emotional lightning strike when a consumer decides to choose your organization or brand.

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Sparking emotional lightning for associations and non-profit groups We bel...

Regions Bank Cs 360x220
Financial Services

Investing today in profitable brand futures for financial institutions. Fi...

Smartpop Slider 360x220
Food & Beverage

Standing out on the packaged goods shelf now and in the future. To make th...

SLD TimHortons 360x220

Tomorrow’s menu—memorable experiences that connect emotionally with cus...

Life Brand  Cs 360x220
Health & Pharmaceutical

Prescribing strong, healthy futures for healthcare brands. Staying healthy...

Public Sector

Making your city the place people call home. People form deep connections ...

Higer Ground Cs 360x220

Adding passion to the retail experience. Retailers are continually pushing...

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Sports & Entertainment

Achieving strong retail futures by giving the fans what they want. Winning...

FLOW Feature2 360x220

How telecommunications brands can own the future: connecting with customers...