7UP Enters The Mix

Tapping into a surging market using an iconic brand to deepen customer appeal.
SVNS Hard Seven Up

Package Design


As Ready-To-Drink alcoholic beverages gained popularity in Canada, PepsiCo partnered with Labatt to capitalize on the already popular mix of 7UP and Vodka in an RTD format. Designing packaging for such an iconic mix was a challenging task, requiring a careful balance between the 7UP branding and a new, mature feel to indicate the alcohol content.


SVNS was developed from the ground up to embody the refreshing qualities Canadians know and love from 7UP while having a sleek and sophisticated feel. The can prominently displays the refreshing taste of 7UP through both explicit labeling and subliminal lemon-lime imagery supported by bubbles on the packaging.


Additionally, a watermarked 7UP logo on the face of the can with a prominent alcohol content callout ensures that the 7UP branding is successfully leveraged while still differentiating from the original soda. The design also prominently highlights that it contains 0 grams of sugar, setting it apart from competitors. The new SVNS has found its unique place on liquor shelves across Canada, effectively utilizing the BLINK FACTOR to capture the attention of consumers searching for their next ready-to-drink alcoholic beverage.