Curating a refined culinary experience with an elevated design.

Clover Leaf Seafoods


Premium line for Clover Leaf Seafoods


Package Design


To captivate food enthusiasts, Clover Leaf Seafoods introduced a premium product line. The packaging design should look modern, appealing, and inspiring, all while setting the brand apart from competitors and other product lines under Clover Leaf Seafoods. The brand needed key visual elements that could be expanded upon, allowing for future launches. The overall goal was to establish the premium quality of the products with strong culinary cues.


For better differentiation within the brand’s portfolio, a black background was chosen to elevate the products. A thoughtful mixture of two fonts, both serif and sans-serif, was adopted in the product descriptor for visual interest and hierarchy of information. To emphasize the message of “tuna in olive oil (& chili pepper)”, a bolder, more refined font was used. In terms of food photography, the focus centers on core ingredients in a simple and uncluttered manner to drive appetite appeal. Olives were specifically highlighted to emphasize “made with olive oil”, further amplifying the high quality.