Cineplex Entertainment is rolling out the new Playdium design across Canada to offer exciting, afforable fun for the whole family.




Playdium Experience Design


Brand Strategy

Retail Design

Environmental Graphic Design

Service Design


Our research revealed that Gen Z and Alpha are united in one key factor: a desire to be seen as unique. Rather than trying to find a single theme or trend that would have broad appeal, we embraced a widely varied, playful direction that celebrates “an urban adventure for families and kids” in a way that is as micro-niche as the kids and teens who come to enjoy Playdium.


The urban reclaimed modern design needed to convey a sense of welcoming, fun, energy, play and ease. It features bright colours, bold graphics and dramatic lighting, and offers VR games, a ropes course, arcade games, bowling and an assortment of food offerings and party rooms.


Throughout the space, creative wayfinding is used to encourage discovery and exploration, guiding visitors through the complex and letting them experience the various game zones and entertainment offerings. Party rooms styled to be an abstract street-scape can be used for birthdays or business functions, while multi-level dining offers either a sit-down experience or a quick service option housed in a colorful transport container with a wide range of choices to appeal to both kids and parents. The branded swag zone features a dripping paint graphic and is overflowing with prizes to increase excitement. Different zones and event rooms have distinct personalities with graphics that appeal to a range of demographics. The energy of the design speaks to the Playdium tagline #LiveWild and states in no uncertain terms that this is a place to discover, play, connect and just have fun.