Heating Up Frozen

Crave was created to bring big, cheesy, meaty flavour to the frozen aisle. Their recipes needed a package design that would deliver irresistible impact to shake things up.




Crave New Brand Design


Brand Strategy


Package Design


When launching a product like Crave that has the potential to disrupt the category, understanding the target shopper is mission critical. SLD and KraftHeinz conducted extensive research for Crave to hone in on what the 50/50 male/female young Millennial or Gen Z shopper would find most appealing. As well as flavor, it was important to communicate the high quality of the ingredients to this food savvy demographic.


Understanding foodie culture and the influence of sharing food images on social media played strongly into our design approach. We presented KraftHeinz with three different brand positions, based on three distinct territories. Each position and design concept was inspired by mouth-watering “food porn,” to inspire hunger cravings.


The final design features delectable-looking food photography framed by masculine, tattooed arms, as well as tongue-in-cheek romance copy and a dark palette. The playful, Instagram-worthy design firmly differentiates Crave from the competition and delivers on bold flavor and premium ingredients.


Crave’s market launch has hit the sweet spot with consumers – since it first hit shelves in 2018, the brand has become a frozen aisle fave.