Smooth Talk

Super Premium package design for Super Premium Juice brand Naked.


PepsiCo Canada


Naked Packaging Design


Conceptual Design

Final Art & Art Direction


Delicious and nutritious super premium juices and smoothies are a big hit with wellness focused consumers who are on the go. In a growing category, PepsiCo’s Naked line of juice smoothies was jockeying for a larger market share in Canada, and SLD was asked to adapt the package design.


The US design was created for a line with over 25 flavors, whereas in Canada there were only 5, and in the US, the competitive landscape looked very different. SLD needed to take a fresh look at Naked’s package design and brand architecture for the Canadian market.


By observing the customer journey in the store and evaluating design through the eyes of consumers, we were able to see what visual story would resonate and how to tell it in the blink of an eye. The US design was modern and white – but in the Canadian market, white was over-used by the competition.


Consumers want quality ingredients in a premium juice, so we chose to simplify communications and focus on fruit imagery that looked real, beautiful and fresh. Naked is on the shelves and quenching cravings for a healthy dose of delicious all over Canada.