Belonging Experiences

How does a business create strong brand loyalty when there is so much competition for customers attention and needs? In Belonging Experiences, author Jean-Pierre Lacroix explores the trends that impact how consumers connect with products and services while outlining a new model for brand engagement based on more than thirty years of leveraging the power of design thinking. The strategies outlined in Belonging Experiences provide businesses with easy-to-understand tools that lay the groundwork for a successful brand-engagement initiative. With timely examples and case studies to illustrate key points, Lacroix introduces the Beginning Experience concept that can unleash the full potential of advocates for brands, allowing for greater visibility and loyalty through third party endorsements and referrals. By understanding how consumer needs are evolving, creating an experience to meet these needs, leveraging technology, establishing an employee value proposition, and engaging employees to live the brand promise, businesses can create a successful experience for their brand that will truly resonate and connect with consumers and positively impact the organizations bottom line.

Belonging Experiences is currently available for purchase through all major retailers, including, Barnes & Noble, Indigo,  and Google Books.