THINK FUTURE: How Digital Ecosystems Will Change Retail and Banking

From the growth of online-only retail platforms and Fintechs to a global pandemic that has pushed many customers online, it is no secret that the retail and banking industries are at a crossroads. As new technologies emerge, SLD and JohnRyan have conducted an extensive study among retail and bank executives to better understand the new direction of digital experiences.

We wanted to explore how COVID-19 has impacted the role and importance of digital for the banking and retail industries. Specifically, what impact will the pandemic have on the role and purpose of digital ecosystems, and what are the steps required for the brick and mortar channel to remain relevant?   

In this ebook, readers will learn:

  • The level of implementation, priority and importance that retailers and banks currently place on digital ecosystems
  • How COVID-19 has influenced the need for robust digital experiences
  • The main challenges that retailers and banks face in creating digital ecosystems
  • How to shift from a siloed channel structure to a fully integrated, seamless experience for customers
  • How to align a digital ecosystem to an ideal customer journey

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