SLD’s Definitive Guide to In-Store Activation

Despite COVID-19 and improvements made to online shopping, countless studies have reinforced the fact that consumers still prefer to shop in-store – especially when it comes to groceries. The way in which consumers learn about products and make purchase decisions is changing though, and for retailers and CPG brands a fresh approach is needed to ensure in-store activation programs still resonate with shoppers.

With this in mind, SLD is proud to present the Definitive Guide to In-Store Activation, an e-book that offers concepts and strategies for brands looking to capitalize on the increase in supermarket visits.

Table of Contents

  1. A New World of Disruption and Anxiety
  2. Trends Influencing the Retail Experience
  3. The Retail Perspective
  4. The Manufacturing Perspective
  5. Opportunities within the Challenges
  6. Delivering Measurable Results
  7. Activation Solution Criteria
  8. Activation Through the Customer Journey
  9. The Role of Digital and Mobile
  10. Tips on Developing Effective In-Store Activation Programs
  11. Planing Your Activation Program
  12. Project Checklist

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