Desire by Design

Conventional thinking has brands constantly scrambling to give customers what they want. But what if wanting is no longer enough? A customer may want a great mobile phone, for example, but a huge majority will choose the now iconic iPhone, regardless of what other phones are available. This is not simply about wanting. It’s about desire. The question for brand marketers is how to make that elusive magic happen. 

In Desire by Design, Jean-Pierre Lacroix unravels the irrational element of desire and explains how brands, designers, and marketers can tap into the emotional high that elicits such passion for certain brands. Jean-Pierre shapes high-level ideas and insights from neuroscience, cult fanaticism, and behavioral psychology into practical worksheets that explain the “how-to” in creating desire for a brand. Using design philosophies he has developed through his 35 years of experience, Jean-Pierre offers interesting history, insights from scientific research, and actionable advice to lead brands from a “want” category to the much-coveted desire space in the marketplace.

Desire by Design is currently available for purchase through all major retailers, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IndigoGoogle Books, and iBooks.

Live in Toronto? You can also pick up a copy of Desire by Design at Swipe Design | Books + Objects.