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Maxwell House Zero Waste Pods


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Maxwell house zero waste packaging on a white background


With sustainability being a must for CPG brands, Maxwell House took on the challenge by introducing zero-waste pods to the Canadian market. Being one of the first came with the challenge of needing to educate the consumer about their part in the process to achieve the zero-waste promise.


There is a lot of skepticism about green-washing, and Maxwell House wanted to provide detailed information to be completely transparent in order to build trust. Relying on strong imagery and front panel communication alongside a concise but warm story on the back panel, the sustainability narrative is detailed enough to build confidence in the design and also simple enough to ensure consumers can play their part by properly disposing of the compostable pods.


The package design utilizes a strong front panel tearaway to make a big impact in the aisle, calling out the zero-waste message while reassuring consumers the product offers the same great taste they love from Maxwell House. The color – a textured craft paper style with a pop of green – stands out among the traditional dark colors you see in the coffee aisle, while the plant-based and recycled materials that make up each portion of the package furthers the theme of best-in-class sustainability. On the back and side panels, the storytelling helps educate the consumer the zero waste journey and provides easy-to-follow instructions on how to dispose of the packaging components.


Maxwell House Zero Waste Packaging 100% compostable pods show that sustainability is no longer the unattainable ideal, but an achievable goal. Paired with an award-winning design that is both eye-catching and informative, the success of the product shows that quality and sustainability do not have to be mutually exclusive.