A fresh retail experience that establishes Yonghe as an industry leader.


Yonghe Hair Transplant


Retail Experience Transformation


Conceptual Design
Final Art & Art Direction

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Looking to establish a new industry standard, Yonghe Hair Transplant entrusted SLD to design a humanized and technology-oriented retail experience for their customers. Above all else, Yonghe wanted their customers to feel comfortable and excited when visiting their branches, and to eliminate some of the apprehension that clients might normally have about hair transplants, cosmetic surgeries and dental.

Through audits, interviews, and trends analysis, a retail concept was created to help reduce client stress and tension, while also allowing Yonghe to adapt the design for different branches and locations.

By creating a comfortable waiting area and office space for communication among doctors and patients, SLD delivered a welcoming yet futuristic solution that overcomes the typical barriers of a clinic experience.

The choice of color and materials in the overall design offers a friendly and professional setting. Wood elements add visual warmth to the space, while light tones combined with decorative lighting bring texture and professional clarity to the space. The use of VI elements, eco-friendly materials, comfortable furniture, transparent interior spaces, and other brand interaction points allow for brand consistency and improved customer experience.

In May 2018, the Nanjing branch of Yonghe Hair Transplant successfully completed its reconstruction and upgrading project. As Yonghe Hair Transplant steps into a new era of brand experience, they are excited to open.

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