(Video) User Friendly 2015

Is Your Brand Experience Ready for the Fifth Dimension?

That is the question Jean-Pierre Lacroix will be asking attendees at User Friendly 2015, one of the most influential user experience events around the world.

In his presentation, Five Millennial Immersive Experience Factors That Will Shape the Future, JP will address the following:

The world is witnessing the convergence of two massive trends that will influence and impact how we create meaningful user experiences. One of these trends is the rise of the millennial customer segment as the single most important purchasing and influencing segment around the globe. The second of these trends is the rise of fifth dimension design through the use of virtual goggles and new projection devices that create immersive experiences quickly emerging as a key influencer on how the new consumer wants to engage with brands. Understanding how to cater and drive unique immersive branded user experiences is critical in brands succeeding in gaining market share and growth.

This session will address:

  • How millennials engage with brands
  • What is their awareness of 5D experiences
  • What are the various types of immersive experiences
  • Five factors you need to consider when creating your next immersive experience

When and where:

Shenzhen, China
November 12-15, 2015

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