Creating A More Inclusive Experience – ICX/BCX 2023

Inclusion, the idea that all people should have equal access in all aspects of life, is relevant to retail banking. In branch design, inclusiveness entails making spaces accessible, welcoming, and safe for all customers, regardless of their background or physical abilities. Our study focuses on how financial institutions can improve inclusion through branch design. 

Why study inclusion now? It’s been a hot topic for the past ten years, with chief diversity officers and DEI training becoming more commonplace. However, a backlash against “wokeness” is rising, driven by social media and hard-right politicians. Brands increasingly find themselves targeted for acts of inclusion, such as partnering with LGBTQIA+ content creators or mentioning Black History Month. With all the noise, it can be hard to understand what really matters to consumers. Our goal is to cut through that noise and get to the heart of what inclusion means to the average consumer, and how financial brands can meet their expectations through design.

Interactive Customer Experience (ICX) Summit, located in Charlotte, North Carolina,  explores the strategies and technologies that innovative brands are implementing to create amazing experiences for their customers. The conference features execs from leading brands  – retail, hospitality, travel, restaurants, banking and more – discussing what’s worked for them, what hasn’t, and what new things they’re planning for the future.

Watch Jean-Pierre discuss inclusion in banking below or visit our white paper for the full findings here