Benran International Forum

Founded in 2017, the Benran International Forum is an annual non-profit event hosted in the Henan Province, China. The conference promotes and enhances economic and cultural exchanges, coordination, and cooperation with other organizations locally while providing a high-level dialogue platform for governments, enterprises, experts and scholars to discuss economic, social, and environmental subjects.

In this session, Jean-Pierre Lacroix will be exploring how to create a belonging village community. It’s no secret that a successful community must have a strong sense of belonging, and a key aspect of this is being connected to all the aspects of where we live and work. Place Branding is a critical tool in creating village communities that are vibrant places to live. 

In this session, we’ll discuss:

  • The importance of a well-positioned village community
  • Why a strong visual identity unites a village 
  • An integrated way finding program supporting the unique facets of the village community
  • Sharing of North American Cinema Cineplex case study.