SLD Sponsors RGD Award for Packaging Design (Series)

Shikatani Lacroix Design is proud to have once again sponsored the Award for Packaging Design (Series) at the annual RGD Student Awards. The 2019 winner of the award is Jeremy Kang, a student from LaSalle College, whose gourmet food gift set incorporates branding identity, packaging design and illustration.

“Saintly Flavours is kind of an homage to the rich tradition and legacy of Catholicism underneath the culture and fashion we enjoy today,” explains Kang. “I tried to put my efforts into capturing the vibe of old masterpieces and crafts in my illustrations and design to satisfy the taste of high-end consumers.”

Detailed and ornate etching-style illustrations make up the logo and packaging of Saintly Flavours, which consist of a red and white wine, crackers, two kinds of cheeses and three flavours of jam. The name of the brand is said to reflect the tradition and high-quality food that was made by medieval monasteries.

“SLD was happy to support RGD’s Student Awards this year,” says Jean-Pierre Lacroix, founder and President of SLD. “Sponsoring a Student Award is one of the ways that we can give back to the community, and it is a privilege to help recognize young talent such as Jeremy.”

“It is an honour to receive the Shikatani Lacroix Design Award for Packaging Design (Series),” says Kang. “This priceless experience inspires me to keep carrying on for my future.”

Congratulations to Jeremey, and to Haluka Yagi, Maria Teresa Cantu Villalobos and YuFan Tian, for receiving Honourable Mentions!

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