Escape Boring Summer Marketing Campaigns

It can be difficult to get consumers interested in financial literacy and responsible banking – especially when they’re busy enjoying summer fun. But Servus Credit Union found one inventive and engaging way to beat the heat by investing in the escape room trend with the support of Beehive Federal Credit Union.

Escape rooms are physical game spaces in which players are trapped until they can solve a series of puzzles and riddles. Using hints, clues, and strategy, teams of participants must work together to – very literally – escape the room. Since their 2012 introduction to the North American market, escape rooms have become increasingly popular attractions, particularly for Millennials in search of experiential entertainment.

Servus representatives spent the summer connecting with the public with a one-of-a-kind “Escape the Bank” experience, which helped consumers learn about the differences between banks and credit unions and encouraged them to assess what they know about being financially fit.

According to Don Norris, Servus Credit Union’s brand director, “The assumption is that people aren’t interested in their money. We see things differently. We believe people always have money choices on their mind, just not always front of mind. Why not build our brand as well to make a dent in people’s psyche?”

This inventive game was just one part of the “Servus Summer” campaign, which involved sponsoring no fewer than 90 summer activities across Alberta – including a Guinness World Record attempt. While other efforts also focus on financial education and highlighting the credit union difference, “Escape the Bank” is the perfect blend of excitement and education to capture consumers’ interest.