Neuromarketing – A foolproof approach to determining what customers want?

For years we’ve been relying on marketing research methods that may not be telling us the whole story. That is, until some marketers began applying neuroscience to more accurately predict consumer purchase behavior.

Diana Lucaci, founder and CEO of neuromarketing research firm True Impact , wants to help you get to the heart of what motivates consumers through their head. True Impact works with retail and CPG brands, like Colgate, to optimize the customer shopping experience throughout the customer’s path to purchase.

Neuromarketing is bringing science to the boardroom by tracking brain activity to measure consumer preference through emotion, logic and sensory response. Understanding the neurology of decision making allows brands to determine what motivates consumers when they are browsing and selecting an item, to capitalize on that emotional connection at the moment of purchase.

We sat down with Diana to discuss the advantages of neuromarketing:

SL: What differentiates neuroresearch versus conventional research?


“Neuroscience research taps into what people are not able to say. It measures their emotions. When you are able to measure people’s emotions and motivators you can predict future purchase behaviors with much higher accuracy. In the past, you knew who was buying and what they bought, after the fact.”

SL: How do we as consumer evaluate things and rationalize decisions?


“We first make decisions with the emotional part of the brain, which is at the very core of the limbic system. That is where your gut feeling comes in and you ask, ‘Do I trust this brand, or do I not? Am I willing to approach it or avoid it?’ You’re not aware of this, it happens automatically.

“When we are in the moment to make a decision at a shelf, for example, within a fraction of a second (300 milliseconds), your eye glances over the product, and that information from the visual stimulus enters your conscious awareness where you make a judgement: ‘Do I trust this? Do I need this product? Is this valuable to me? Ultimately, is this relevant to my life right now?’”

Find out why top brands like Colgate, Heinz and OXO are applying neuroscience techniques to predict consumer choice, and learn how you can improve your consumer research and ROI.

Learn about the fundamentals of neuromarketing; how neuromarketing can improve your consumer research; how to drive lift and ROI through accurate measurements;best practices for implementing biometrics in your research; and who is doing it well. Diana Lucaci explains how to accurately measure consumer motivation to build stronger emotional connections with your customers at the moment of purchase.

You can watch the webinar here.

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