Toronto’s “Smart City” Makeover

The recent announcement by Alphabet (the company behind Google) to develop a section of Toronto’s waterfront as part of its Sidewalk Labs division is a harbinger of what is to come when digital and physical merge. Putting aside that Torontonians will be used as unknowing test lab participants, this experiment will provide Toronto the opportunity to showcase that it is one of the most progressive and innovative centres in the world.

For many who are not aware, Toronto is the third largest centre of creative professionals in North America displacing cities such as Chicago and San Francisco. More importantly, this partnership will support the enormous commitment both the Federal and Provincial governments have made to innovation and technology, allowing this endeavour to be visible for the world to see.

Ultimately, the outcome will benefit Sidewalk Labs as it is another way of linking innovation to marketing and advertising revenues. Not to mention, provides access to some of the best and smartest people on the planet. I am sure the outcome of this initiative will support our country’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, both key elements of Canadian pride. It may even lead to better accessibility throughout our bustling urban city. I personally look forward to being one of the unknowing test participants.

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