The Circular Economy Webinar

The world as we know it is changing. Human reliance on plastic, combined with its long lifespan, has resulted in a global buildup of plastic waste. According to research, the average American generates nearly 221 kilograms of plastic waste per year, creating billions of tonnes of waste worldwide. With this in mind, and with increased awareness of the importance of recycling and reducing consumption, many retailers are looking for new ways to eliminate waste in their daily operations.

Circular business models are gaining popularity among retailers to reduce environmental impact while remaining relevant in a changing retail landscape, as many companies and businesses continue to seek ways to become more environmentally friendly. Customers want these services, but retailers are hesitant to implement them or clearly communicate them, resulting in confusion and missed opportunities.

Join SLD strategist intern Scott Do and communications intern Sydney Garden for a webinar on the importance of the circular economy for brand & customer loyalty.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • Consumer attitudes and preferences toward the circular economy
  • Customer stumbling blocks with refill, return, and repair services
  • Opportunities for brands to successfully implement these services
  • How effective implementation can result in customer and brand loyalty

Watch the webinar below!