SLD Leads Rebrand & Web Design for Not-For-Profit, Achēv

Formerly known as the Centre for Education & Training (TCET), Canadian not-for-profit Achēv has unveiled their full rebrand, which was spearheaded by SLD and includes a new name, logo, positioning and website. With a focus on delivering employment, youth, newcomer and language services, the rebrand has allowed Achēv to create a cohesive brand architecture that better communicates their purpose and reputation. 

The rebranding process started with numerous visioning sessions and brainstorms to determine the organization’s vision for their future and how best to bring it all to life. For the new name, a stylized version of “achieve” was decided upon, offering a multi-lingual name that reflects their mission of helping people achieve their goals. 

“It is always exciting to help a brand look to the future,” says Jean-Pierre Lacroix, President of SLD. “Achēv does such important work so we knew that every component of this rebrand had to help showcase the attributes that set them apart from their competitors.” 

Old TCET logo vs. new Achēv logo

The idea of achieving one’s goals was continued with Achēv’s new logo, which features an A symbol that can be seen as a mountain or directional marker – representing the challenges that are often overcome while moving in an upwards, positive direction. A complete visual identity system was then created to ensure clarity of voice for the organization and to allow Achēv to remain consistent across different channels and departments. 

When it came to the website, an emphasis was placed on the UX/UI design to ensure easy navigation and a positive user experience. Consistency and the use of visuals were important to help differentiate Achēv’s offerings and programs, while an intuitive calendar allows users to filter and register for events in their area.  

Below is a promo video made by SLD to unveil the new brand. To learn more about Achēv and to see the rebrand come to life, check out their new website here: