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Plats Du Chef
Plats du Chef commissioned Shikatani Lacroix to design a new online presence based on its brand objectives.

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Digital Experiences


Plats du Chef is a recognized leader in quality frozen foods, having built a reputation through development of distinctive product niches and unique offerings. In 2014, Plats du Chef identified the need to utilize digital experiences to better reach, educate and communicate with customers. The client needed an online platform that would include information on where to buy their products and where customers could ask questions about the company and request specific product data as needed.

The Challenge

The Plats du Chef brand objectives, which extended to the new website, focused on building brand awareness. The goal of the initiative was to create relationships with consumers and the media, while helping to drive listings at retail outlets by generating buzz about new product launches. Ultimately, they wanted to build an online community, creating social engagement marketing tools, and advertise the uniqueness of their range of products to consumers, customers, business partners and the media.
Building brand awareness with a new website

Our Process


Working closely with the client, Shikatani Lacroix designed and developed a new online presence that was consistent with the existing brand position. The digital experiences team worked alongside the designers to create a website that adhered to the client’s core brand values as adventurous, convenient, culinary and fun, and one that provides customers with good value, high quality, and unique products.


Based on its brand objectives, Plats du Chef required a new  online presence. The new engaging and attractive website design clearly communicates the brand

Shikatani Lacroix created a new design that was vibrant, fresh and modern with a feel of an editorial/lifestyle website rather than corporate. The site needed to be balanced without overwhelming visitors with too much information and an excess of imagery, focusing on a mixture of packaging, product beauty shots and lifestyle photos.


The new website design is both engaging and attractive while clearly communicating the Plats du Chef brand. The layout encourages visitors to seek out product information, find the latest company news, subscribe to the company e‐newsletter and/or blog RSS feed, and drives brand engagement through social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook.