(Video) Building Employee Loyalty in your Restaurant

Richard Dirstein explores tactics to improve employee engagement in your restaurant.


I’m Richard Dirstein. How do you create great employee engagement within your restaurant? Well, it’s important to first start with how you educate your employees. To make sure that they all understand your value proposition, your unique offering. They all understand it, understand what it means, and understand how it’s important to the customer. To make sure that is then educated across all touch points, all staff within the restaurant and ensure that they all say it in the same way. We say, ‘Rolling in the same direction.”

It’s important to measure how effectively they’re doing this and to reward them when they do it right. Again, there’s great programs around customer loyalty. A lot of those programs work very well. As well as for employee loyalty. When they do it right reward them. When they do it right reward them by showing them and letting the public see that they are educated, that they are brand ambassadors, that they truly understand and represent the unique value proposition for your restaurant and your organization.

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