(Video) The Use of Mobile and Web Throughout the Customer Journey

Richard Dirstein and Marcos Terenzio discuss the use of mobile and web throughout the customer journey.



Richard: I’m Richard Dirstein

Marcos: And I’m Marcos Terenzio.

Richard: Marcos, in the past, we’ve talked about the integrated digital experience and making sure that all of the digital touch points align to the overall customer journey. Let’s talk about, specifically, the role of mobile and the role of a website in terms of the customer path to purchase. How can we leverage those in a restaurant environment?

Marcos: Yeah, you bring up a really good point where those technologies kind of go hand in hand, and today’s Web viewer is doing it more so on their mobile device. In this context, I think we’re maybe looking at the difference between someone online at home versus on their mobile device at the restaurant. So in that context, we’re probably taking a look at a customer who’s at home trying to decide where they’re gonna go dine. They may have not yet made up their mind on the restaurant they’re gonna go to, or if they have, perhaps they’re trying to decide what they’re gonna eat, what the different offerings or sale items could be for that restaurant, as opposed to when the customer’s actually at the location on their mobile device. That consumer is now maybe looking for more detailed information, so perhaps they’re looking at dietary information, ingredients, meal options, a much richer, more specific experience that’s geared to that brand itself. So it’s very important that restaurant owners take a look at both, because they’re equally important, both to drive traffic to the restaurant, as well as keep them engaged and hopefully retain them as future customers while they’re in the restaurant experience.

Richard: That’s great, great insights. You know, it’s really important to ensure that all of your touchpoints, both physical and digital, align to that unified customer experience. So how can you better leverage mobile and Web to help drive traffic to your restaurant?

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