(Video) How Customers can be Brand Advocates

Richard Dirstein, EVP, Creative & Innovation, discusses how customers can become your brand advocates.


I’m Richard Dirstein. So, how can your customers become brand advocates for you and your restaurant? You can leverage your loyalty program and the customer’s desire to climb the ranks, and get higher status, to really be beneficial for both sides. From a customer standpoint, you get great recognition, the restaurant sees you coming. They customize and cater your offering, or your order, to you and your wants and needs.

From the retailer…from the restaurant’s side, you have the opportunity not only to collect data to create those threshold, those next levels, to help give the customer better visibility, better recognition. You know, these loyalty programs and the airline industry has done such a great job of this. As you ascend the tiers and you have more opportunities, and you’re enabled with more instances to be able to experience unique offerings and unique products, seating, quicker service through the line, ordering.

Again, preference, you have an opportunity to really make those customers proud of who they are, proud of their status, proud to a point of sharing. And it’s that sharing that really makes these brand ambassadors wanna go out and tell the world their great story around their interaction in your space.

Disney’s a great example of this. They have a great loyalty program where trusted advisors, customers, consumers, are able to, through multiple visits and multiple comments, reach a level where they are opening the forum to comment directly on their great experiences and give advice, objective advice, to new, potential Disney customers. Very exciting, and a great way to leverage brand ambassadors in your brand.

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