SLD Wins Best Retail ICX at Elevate Awards

During the opening night of this year’s ICX Summit, The Interactive Customer Experience Association held their annual Elevate Awards, and SLD is happy to announce that we were awarded Best Retail ICX for the Nu Skin flagship experience center, Nu Xtore.

The award is focused on the technological aspects of Nu Xtore, which serves as the vehicle to help customers navigate the store experience, empowering them through the collaborative use of data, personalized content and larger than life digital experiences. Utilizing Nu Skin’s S3 Scanner and Body Scale hardware, SLD integrated digital signage, interactive programming and WeChat QR codes to deliver an educational and immersive experience for each visitor.

Nu Xtore previously won Bronze at the 2019 DSE Apex Awards and has been recognized for design and execution at the Retail Design Institute’s 48th International Store Design Competition.

“We had a lot of fun on this project because it allowed us to explore the latest in digital trends and technology,” says Jean-Pierre Lacroix, president of SLD. “This award wouldn’t have been possible if Nu Skin hadn’t been open to trying new things.”

Along with celebrating “the agencies, technology suppliers and brands that are changing the face of customer experience,” this year’s Elevate Awards also honored digital-signage consultant and advocate Lyle Bunn, who passed away last fall. At the ceremony, ICX renamed their Influencer of the Year award to The Lyle Bunn Influencer of the Year Award in recognition of his influence on the industry.

“Lyle was a great advocate and friend of SLD,” says Lacroix. “It is only fitting that ICX rename their influencer award in his honor.”