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Nu Skin


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Nu Xtore


Nu Skin

Shikatani Lacroix Design (SLD) was hired by Nu Skin to design a future-proofed retail experience that can be implemented in cities across China.


Nu Skin:



plus personal care products


million independent distributors

Founded in 1984, Nu Skin Enterprises is a health and beauty company that develops and sells over 200 personal care products. Listed on the New York Stock Exchange, Nu Skin’s products are available in 54 markets around the world through a multi-level marketing business model, which is made up of independent business partners and distributors. Wanting to further adapt to market trends and appeal to a younger demographic, Nu Skin approached SLD to create a new experience center that could be utilized throughout their growing China market.

SLD worked collaboratively with consulting firm, MetaThink, to build a new flagship store that is an immersive, engaging experience for all visitors.

The Challenge

The new experience center was part of a larger rebranding program that Nu Skin was undergoing, and the design had to reflect branding elements that were still in the initial stages of development. Furthermore, the location chosen for the experience center was divided into two separate parts, with a public corridor going through it. This meant that the design of the space had to keep people interested and engaged when transitioning from one area to another.

Throughout the experience center, Nu Skin wanted to tell a story that would help targeted customers better understand their products and brand culture. With a wide range of offerings that have unique features, it was important to communicate to shoppers and business partners across all points of their journey and to create a cohesive and choreographed experience that flowed from start to finish. The complexity of the project, which involved graphics, digital, wayfinding and environmental design, meant that SLD had to remain agile and collaborative throughout the entire process.

Help customers better understand Nu Skin's products and brand culture.

“SLD and MetaThink delivered beyond expectations in elevating the Nu Skin brand to new heights, through user-driven insights, meticulous strategy and digital immersive experience design.”
Queenie Sheng, VP of Marketing, Nu Skin

Our Process


In partnership with MetaThink, extensive research was conducted by SLD’s strategic team to better understand various pain points from the perspective of Nu Skin, their business partners, and their customers. Through interviews with management and employees, on-site research, audits of competitors and best-in-class industry leaders, brainstorming sessions and workshops, the team was able to determine a design concept that would support Nu Skin’s tagline: “Discover the Best You.”

An important aspect of this process was in determining the message that Nu Skin wanted to convey to those that entered the experience center, and how conventional and digital elements would support this story. More than just a place to buy products, the new store would blur the line between gallery, science center, community hub, and event space.


Titled “Nu Xtore,” the experience store design by SLD is centered around the “Fountain of You,” a primary design element in the center of the space that serves as an interaction piece as well as a visual metaphor. Paying homage to Nu Skin’s “Fountain of Youth” logo, the “Fountain of You” exemplifies youth, wellness and energy while also conveying the idea that each person entering Nu Xtore is like a drop of water, and as they journey through the space, they will experience the ripple effect that a single drop can make. The theme of circular ripples and droplets serves as a foundation for the entire design of Nu Xtore.

Leveraging the latest in technology and design trends, Nu Xtore creates a personalized, interactive experience through the integration of both digital and physical elements. Bright colors are combined with modern furniture and materials to create a futuristic yet welcoming environment, and various functional zones guide visitors along a journey, each supported by graphics, wayfinding and digital displays.

Starting with the Body Testing area, which evaluates key body health signs through a range of sensors, guests then move to the futuristic Ageloc zone, which features some of the most advanced facial technology products. Next comes the Nu Skin product zone, where a range of skin care solutions are highlighted, and the experience culminates with the Pharmanex zone of supplements and HBA products.

For business partners, there are comfortable, semi-private learning zones, meeting pods and product testing areas that allow them to gain additional knowledge and insights into Nu Skin’s offerings. There is also a large auditorium designed for team building, announcements and events. With the intention of building confidence and excitement among business partners, this area of Nu Xtore encourages research, discovery and community.


The first Nu Xtore celebrated its grand opening in November 2018. Located in Shenzhen, China, Nu Xtore is a state-of-the-art experience center that incorporates Nu Skin’s history and high-quality products. SLD and MetaThink were in attendance at the opening, and presented the design concepts and rationale behind the new store.

Nu Skin plans to open more Nu Xtore’s throughout China, with two more scheduled for early 2019 and a location in Beijing also expected. Further solidifying Nu Skin as an industry leader in rewarding business opportunities and innovative beauty products, Nu Xtore creates an environment that resonates with both customers and business partners.

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