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Achēv, a not-for-profit organization focused on delivering employment, youth, newcomer and language services, needed a brand experience that was as impactful as their work.







Brand Strategy & Positioning

Branding Big Idea

Visual Identity Design

Web Design

Content Production

Helping people build skills and find employment has a powerful impact on individual lives and the community. Formerly known as The Centre for Education and Training, Achēv was known for exceptional work – but the brand name and presence didn’t communicate the organization’s meaningful purpose and successful outcomes.

The Achēv team partnered with SLD to determine the organization’s vision for their future and to bring it to life through a new name, logo, positioning and website. Through research, positioning, numerous brainstorming sessions and stakeholder engagement, a new name was chosen – a stylized version of “achieve” that supports a more aspirational, mission-based message.

A powerful name like Achēv has a big impact. Visually the logo and other graphic elements needed to match the energy of the name. The idea of achieving goals is expressed in the new logo, which features an A symbol that can be seen as a mountain or directional marker – representing the challenges that are overcome while moving in an upwards, positive direction.

The strong name and logo supported the development of a cohesive system and brand architecture, designed to help Achēv communicate a powerful message – the power to achieve more – to a wide range of clients and stakeholders with clarity and impact.

The new website emphasizes UX/UI design to ensure easy navigation and a positive user experience. Strong visuals were important to help differentiate Achēv’s offerings and programs, while an intuitive calendar allows users to filter and register for events in their area.

In order to celebrate the new brand, SLD created a video that speaks to Achēv’s core mission and how the new brand communicates this cause to the world.