Teriyaki Experience

A Fresh Face

We designed an impactful, fun, fresh design for Teriyaki Experience that would break through the food court clutter and capture the attention of hungry customers.


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Our design needed to be modular and to promise a high return on investment to encourage franchisees to participate. It also needed to create a more unique and recognizable brand across the network, utilizing elements such as digital menu boards, in-store signage and alternative seating. Ultimately, it needed to increase restaurant visits by appealing to new customers through a more modern, united experience.



Our new design for Teriyaki Experience moves away from a traditional Japanese look, instead focusing on bright colors, natural finishes, engaging graphics and modern design elements. Both the in-line and stand-alone designs highlight the theatre around meal preparation, and the updated signage and displays ensure that customers have a better understanding of how and what to order.


The design concept and its modular components allow Teriyaki Experience to establish more consistency throughout their locations. Elements such as a stylized daruma face on the wall and the use of red and turquoise color accents are an easy and cost-effective way for franchisees to update their restaurants while staying on brand.