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TBooth wireless


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Tbooth interior


As a major provider of mobile services, TBooth wireless strived to stand out as a fun and friendly mobile retailer that was welcoming to all. Glentel, the parent company, wanted to differentiate two of its mobile brands – WirelessWave and TBooth wireless for different clientele. While WirelessWave’s service was catered around assisting the tech-savvy consumer who knew what they were shopping for, Tbooth wireless focused their expertise on recommending a complete mobile solution that best fit the lifestyle of the consumer.

Tbooth Wireless logo
Tbooth providers


Pink became the primary color for the brand, using the Blink Factor for the storefront with bright signage and pink lighting. Pink was used to inspire customers with a feeling of calmness and was complimented by pink accents across the store, including seating. A captivating carrier wall was used for display at the front of the store to not only catch customers’ attention but also inspire feelings of trust and reliability. The center of the store was turned into a tech display for customers to explore the new devices, connecting to their sense of physi-digital involvement. The brand extended further than the physical store to a similarly designed kiosk, compacting the design elements into a mall-friendly and scalable solution.

Tbooth interior
Tbooth Interior
Tbooth interior