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Intel Interactive projection of people sitting in their store


Intel’s technology has been at the heart of computing breakthroughs. Financial institutions today are going through a digital transformation as they embrace technological advances to help improve customer engagement and loyalty. While many of the solutions banks deploy bring new levels of efficiency to banking processes, integration across the banking ecosystem is critical to fully delivering on their potential. Through its partnership with a wide range of forward-thinking manufacturers and software companies, Intel is helping bring clarity to what the future can hold. SLD worked with Intel to develop an immersive digital experience to help frame this vision for the future of finance.
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Intel Interactive projection of people smiling and talking to an advisor in their store


The branch of the future takes a holistic approach to infrastructure development. To tell the story of

how end-to-end integration can drive intelligent connections across the entire branch, we developed

an interactive branch experience that highlights these connections. A self-guided web-based VR

journey through the branch triggers information at key points to explain the benefits of tools such as

edge-to-cloud integration, virtual banking experiences and AI-driven data solutions. Our goal was to

help executives see how these complex solutions create a better customer experience and more

value for the bank, framing Intel as the ideal partner.


Visit the full interactive design exploration at Intel.

Intel Interactive projection of people smiling and talking in their store