Nu Skin


More than just a place to buy products, Nu Xtore blurs the line between gallery, science center, community hub, and event space.

Nu Skin


Nu Xtore


Brand Engagement
Digital Experience
Environmental Design


The Nu Xtore had to achieve a variety of goals: to promote Nu Skin’s innovation and research, to nurture their community, to creatively tell their brand story, to provide detailed product information in an engaging way, and to host events. While serving all of these different purposes, the store had to exemplify the brand’s mission to help customers “Discover the best you.”

SLD conducted management and employee interviews, on-site research, audits of competitors, and numerous brainstorming sessions to arrive at a design that tells the Nu Skin story through graphics, digital, wayfinding and environmental design.

nu skin products arranged on tray with flowers and orange slice
interior of nu skin store with desk, chairs and a large photo of Shenzhen


Youth, wellness and energy. These elements, expressed in Nu Skin’s fountain-shaped logo, became both a visual metaphor and a primary interaction piece for the store design – we called this idea the “Fountain of You.” True to the Nu Skin philosophy of community and philanthropy, the design conveys the ripple effect made by a drop of water. As visitors journey through the space, circular shapes, radiant color and shimmering light-play inspire with a sense of the collective effect of many droplets falling through light and rippling outward.

The Nu Xtore experience we created for Nu Skin is personalized and interactive, using the latest in technology and design trends to create a welcoming yet futuristic and aspirational space. A guided journey through the zones of the store, with contemporary furniture and materials, digital integration, graphics and wayfinding, allow visitors to fully experience the brand, its products and its values in a way that is refreshing and intriguing.

“SLD and MetaThink delivered beyond expectations in elevating the Nu Skin brand to new heights, through user-driven insights, meticulous strategy and digital immersive experience design.”

Queenie Sheng
VP of Marketing, Nu Skin