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CZ Bank steps ahead with a new branch experience that seamlessly blends digital and human touchpoints.

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CZ Bank


With consumers conducting more banking transactions online, the role of the branch is changing. China Zheshang Bank wanted to redefine the role of the branch and, through a transformation program, lay the foundation for a forward-thinking channel strategy and branch experience that would stand out in a competitive industry. Best-in-class technology integration as well as human-centred design were key goals of the new flagship and community branch formats. In collaboration with MetaThink, a leading Chinese strategy and identity firm who designed the logo and mascot, SLD leveraged a new brand position and identity created by MetaThink to design a branch experience that would set CZ Bank apart.
CZ Bank
CZ Bank


CZ Bank’s new branch experience allows it to connect with consumers on an emotional level, instead of competing on size or price. The vibrant building exterior features a bold architectural sign on the corner, making the branch highly visible. Digital signage can be seen from the street through key exterior windows, allowing messaging to be seen by those in the community before they even enter the branch.


The interior features a customer experience that utilizes design, technology and staff sales choreography together in an exceptional, world class branch experience. Innovation is present in elements such as a virtual reality zone where customers can relax in a beautiful park setting or access a virtual concierge. Learning zones and comfortable waiting areas enable self-education on frequently asked questions. Semi-private pods and architectural privacy elements in the cash and non-cash areas allow for the kind of privacy customers need in a bank, while reducing barriers to support human-to-human interactions. The bank also features a VIP banking and wealth management area with premium finishes that reflect the level of service these high-value customers expect. Three flagship prototypes were opened in Chengdu, Hangzhou and Beijing in 2016, with the entire network of 150 branches now being revitalized through the new branch program.