Drink Blink: Sips of Canada

Savor the diverse scenery and unique elements of Canada with Moosehead’s classic beer — encapsulated in exquisitely designed cartons, cans, bottles, and various merchandises.
Moosehead Breweries Limited

Various Packages for Moosehead


Package Design


Moosehead, a renowned Canadian brewery steeped in tradition, holds a special spot in the hearts of its fellow countrymen. Yet, this familiarity may lead to potential difficulty in catching customers’ eyes at brick-and-mortar stores with a single package design. From Moosehead Pale Ale to seasonal editions of Moosehead Lager, we aim not only to captivate both new and loyal consumers but also to highlight the distinctive experiences cherished by Canadians.
Moosehead Summer


Imagine cracking open a can of Moosehead’s summer brew by the lake or relishing the winter wonderland with a can of beer featuring our beloved snowy scenes. Our packages capture the very essence of Canada’s beauty, creating an emotional connection with Moosehead’s thoughtfully crafted beer — sip by sip.