A complete reimagining of a brand through the lens of experience

M&M Food Market


M&M Transformation Project


Brand Strategy & Positioning,
Corporate Identity, Retail Design,
Visual Identity Design,
Private Label Design & Optimization,
Web Design, Digital Signage



M&M Food Market, a frozen foods specialty grocer, found themselves in an increasingly competitive retail environment. Declining traffic and sales demanded a change for the brand to remain relevant and grow with younger consumers. M&M’s sales’ experience was based on their printed flyer and an over-the-counter ordering system that was dated and limiting. Our challenge was to reinvent the customer shopping experience without alienating loyal M&M consumers along the way.


SLD completely imagined the brand through the eyes of the customer. The retail experience was changed dramatically, eliminating the over-the-counter ordering system, letting customers roam stores freely to discover products with a self-educating model supported by in-store meal experts and digital signage.

Packaging was completely redesigned, replacing the old white boxes and plain text with vibrant, color-coded products with enticing imagery for more than 400 SKUs. Finally, our digital team completely revitalized M&M’s website to effectively communicate its high-quality reputation and align with the look and feel of the new brand design. All design aspects were tied together to support the brand vision of making the customer experience easy, built around meal solutions for any occasion.
M&M Food Market