CANVAS needed a standout design to promote a star collaboration

SLD Square 500x500

Canadian Tire


Canvas x Jillian Harris

Package Design


Canadians are expected to spend more than ever before as the holidays approach. CANVAS wanted to leverage the power of collaborations with well-known Canadian interior designer Jillian Harris for a series of holiday décor exclusive to Canadian Tire. The design had to be versatile enough to accommodate multiple products and different enough from the existing CANVAS portfolio while being able to stand out on the shelves with a strong design.
Jillian Harris x CANVAS


The new design leverages both CANVAS and Jillian Harris brand equities in prime package positioning across all SKUs. Candy cane striping automatically connects customers with Christmas while clearly differentiating it from other CANVAS products. Clear frontal packaging allows the products to speak for themselves, delivering eye-catching vintage-inspired visuals to draw the customer in. The back packaging tells the story of Jillian’s collection, creating a personalized feel from customer to customer. The limited-time collection successfully elevated the CANVAS brand by highlighting the exclusive brand partnership and hit the shelves of Canadian Tire stores across Canada in November of 2022.
Christmas ornaments from the Jillian Harris Canadian tire collection displayed on a pink background