Digital Immersion creates the ultimate Toronto Blue Jays experience away from the Rogers Center.
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With interest in the Toronto Blue Jays declining after their back-to-back world series wins, the loss of the Montreal Expos to the USA had been a major blow to Canadian Baseball. With the Blue Jays being the only team left in Canada, it became extremely important for them to capture the heart of the rest of Canada along with their home city of Toronto.
Jays Care


The store was designed from the ground up, heavily focused on digital experiences to bring fans together, putting emphasis on the experience rather than just the merchandise. Guests are greeted with a dynamic, eye-catching entranceway that starts the process of the digital journey throughout the store – from an animated hat wall to the expansive amounts of digital signage used in-store. The journey proved successful, exceeding all sales targets regardless of the team’s performance on the field.