A thoughtful visual system created to work across a wide range of product categories.

Giant Tiger

Giant Tiger Marché

Visual Identity Design
Private Label Design & Optimization
Package Design


Positioned as a national brand equivalent (NBE), Giant Tiger Marché is a new private label brand by Giant Tiger. It needed a consistent visual identity system that could cater to a wide range of product categories such as food, beverage, home, health, and beauty. The brand needed to stand out on the shelf and differentiate itself from national brands and other Giant Tiger brands. The system had to convey the vision of delighting all Canadians with inspiring choices.


A visual identity system was developed to address the need to create a consistent look for Giant Tiger Marché’s product lines. Inspired by the farmer’s market signage, the brandmark was designed in a handwritten script style, implying quality and authenticity with a human touch. Legible in both large and small sizes, the typography fits perfectly for packaging of different formats and dimensions. The wordmark is encircled in a seal, denoting quality guaranteed by Giant Tiger.


A paint swash graphic filled with a gradient was created to hold product descriptors. To differentiate product varieties within the same category, a sophisticated, airy color palette was curated and combined with darker muted accents. With this visual identity system set against a white background, the brand’s overall look and feel is uplifting and simple, aligning with the brand personality: confident, genuine, and thoughtful.