A prototype design for banks that harmonizes financial service with local nature and culture.

Chongqing Rural
Commercial Bank

New Prototype Branch Design

Retail Design
Digital Experiences


To demonstrate its commitment to the local community, Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank (CQRC) needed a modern and approachable prototype design. The goal was to create a streamlined, immersive customer experience that goes beyond traditional banking norms. The bank’s dedication to local nature and culture needed to be showcased not only through materials and finishes but also digital experiences in the branches.


Based on the three brand pillars: “approachable”, “commitment”, and “intelligence”, a comprehensive design was developed for standard branches and the prototype location in Lianglu, Chongqing. Wood finishes and the red brand color created a warm and approachable atmosphere, offsetting the glossier, modern white finishes. Wood inlay with topographical map patterns was used for the Community Culture Wall at the staircase, while the flooring pattern mimicked the Yangtze and Jialing Rivers since Chongqing is where they meet. The river-shaped pendant light finished in gold was inspired by the two rivers as well. With Chongqing being known as the “mountain city”, vertical design elements and mountain imagery were incorporated to emphasize upward growth and stability. These echoed with CQRC’s rural roots, emotionally connecting local customers to the brand.

For the prototype location, expansive windows brought plenty of natural light into the lobby. To make the branch more visible in high-traffic areas, large digital mesh screens were curated beside the 24-hour self-banking section. Near the entrance, an AR screen for wayfinding and a virtual concierge were placed to improve service efficiency with technology. To further enhance the futuristic look and feel, the “Smart Banking” zone was decorated with a dynamic LED wall. The brand collaboration area made use of a large screen to display CQRC’s support for local small and micro-enterprises, with backlit acrylic display racks to showcase their products, highlighting the bank’s spirit of financial inclusion. Digital screens at the 2-storey wall featured videos about local arts and culture, further enhancing customers’ sense of belonging. Ample seating was offered in chat areas, designed with warm and welcoming colors to elevate the sense of openness for the community.