Uniting a cable and a wireless brand into a transformational experience store featuring an adaptive digital content system.



Flow Caribbean Retail Store Design


Retail Design
Digital Experiences


With the amalgamation of two brands into one, Flow was redesigned with an adaptive digital content system for a more consistent customer experience. As a telco/cable provider in 13 different countries, developing a standardized system that could still cater to regional preferences was critical. The newly redesigned stores needed to focus on providing their customers with a consistent experience.


To improve the customer experience, an entire redesign centered on an integrated digital solution was implemented. Aside from a refresh of traditional store elements, the new system included a cueing system, a new tablet sales tool that transitioned to a more customer-centric sales choreography, and an enhanced content system tailored to national and regional consumers. Customers could interact with the  products, including personalized digital messaging and digital experience zones throughout the store.

The new digital solution system dramatically improved customer wait times, in-store promotional message retention by 30%, less reliance on staff during peak periods, and allowed for centralized control of local and regional content to be deployed across all markets.