Miss Vickie’s Signatures


Rich, sumptuous flavors deserve to be dressed in style.


PepsiCo Canada


Miss Vickie’s Signatures Packaging


Conceptual Design
Final Art & Art Direction


Miss Vickie’s is a giant in the world of potato chips, so venturing into a premium line seemed only natural. In reviewing the marketplace, SLD noted that many gourmet chip brands leaned towards an artisanal approach with natural tones and textures. Many were niche brands that only played in the gourmet category.


We knew the credibility of the Miss Vickie’s brand was an enormous asset, but the new Signature’s look needed to celebrate its foodie-inspired flavors in a unique way. In collaboration with the client, PepsiCo Food Canada, we chose “approachable gourmet” as the design direction, which spoke both to the premium quality and flavors as well as giving a nod to the down-to-earth master brand.


For those who enjoy amazing food, it is a sensual experience. When we began our design exploration for Miss Vickie’s Signatures, we wanted to focus on the stand-out flavors, the crispness, the preparation… to be detailed and expressive about the experience of eating this elevated version of an everyday snack.

Using full color photography of ingredients and cooking utensils on a darker backdrop, we created an appetizing sense of discovery and drama. Using a rich palette of smoky grey, black and gold on a glossy bag with a thicker substrate, everything about the design is sumptuous. The Miss Vickie’s logo is strongly recognizable – but on the shelf the design stands out as a clearly special version of this iconic brand.

Initially an LTO, Miss Vickie’s Signatures has been such a success that it has become a permanent product.