Doritos Guacamole

Boldly Guacamole

Utilizing the BLINK FACTOR to modernize a fan-favorite flavor




Doritos Limited Time Offers


Package Design


Creating Limited Time Offerings (LTOs) can be challenging because the packaging design must communicate various elements to stand out on the shelf during the product’s limited shelf life.


Doritos aimed to reinvent its Guacamole LTO, a fan favorite always presented in retro-style packaging. To modernize the packaging, SLD needed to communicate the guacamole flavor with minimal new elements that match the Doritos branding while still emphasizing its limited availability.


The new design for Doritos Guacamole communicates the BLINK FACTOR through a creamy green color, reminiscent of the famous dip itself, surrounded by patterns inspired by traditional Mexican design elements. In the blink of an eye, consumers can connect the visual cues to understand the delicious flavor that has been enormously popular since its inception.


The bold orange callout in the top right corner conveys the limited-time offer, completing the modern twist on a retro flavor. Subtle design elements connect the flavor to its roots and call out the LTO as a delicious offering on the shelves of grocery stores throughout North America.