bbtease believes in using only the best quality ingredients and crafting tea beverages with care and artistry. In order to launch this new concept for Bubbletease, we needed to create a new visual identity and space that reflects the great pride they take in serving exceptional drinks.






Corporate Identity
Environmental Design

The bubble tea market was hot – and Bubbletease was one of the hottest brands in the GTA. However, they wanted to be able to extend their brand beyond the trend of bubble tea. The new brand, bbtease, uses only the highest quality ingredients and crafts their tea beverages using state of the art equipment, using processes designed to get the most delicate flavours from their award-winning tea leaves. In order to command the category, they wanted an inspiring, social retail space that would highlight their exceptional beverages and craftsmanship.

bbtease first needed a consistent visual approach that told a more elevated story, while still reflecting the social aspect of tea drinking. Our visual identity celebrates the hero product, the tea leaf, while the wordmark emphasizes “tea” to ensure longevity. Playful use of “bb” instead of “bubble” feels friendly and down-to-earth.


In the retail space, we created a clean stage to allow the quality of the ingredients and various beverage-making processes tell the story of craftsmanship. The long, white counter runs behind a glass screen to guide the customers’ gaze toward five cold-drip teas steeping in tall glass vessels. A unified banquette on the opposite wall allows for a group of one or many to enjoy the warm atmosphere, made rich with subtle patterns inspired by bbtease’ delicate and high-quality ingredients. Creating this warm but light canvas allows the nitro pour taps, cold-drip brew, pour over coffee and siphon pot beverages to take the focus and solidify bbtease as the first and best artisanal tea café in Canada.

The space is dotted with visual metaphors which further express the Infinitus identity. The customer journey encourages personal exploration and self-discovery through the weaving nature of the layout. The illuminated ceiling cove gives the illusion of water flowing. Like a running river, Infinitus nourishes and delivers growth for its guests.



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