Bagged or Boxed? The Future of Retail

Experts often define the future of retail by the digital innovations shaking up the industry. But those definitions fail to consider the most important factor: how customers feel about the shopping experience.

James Cook, Americas Director of Research, Retail, at JLL, sat down with Shikatani Lacroix president Jean-Pierre Lacroix to discuss the information behind “Bagged or Boxed? JLL Predicts the Future of 13 Retail Categories.”

JLL looked at 13 retail categories through the lens of three distinct customer needs: Time, Touch, and Money. In this discussion, we explore how those needs are defining the future of the retail industry.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How the death of the retail industry has been greatly exaggerated
  • How physical stores can gain an upper hand over online competitors
  • Which friction points are driving customers away from retail stores
  • Which retailers are handling the transition to the future well