SLD Sponsors Humber College Design Competition

Humber College’s Interior Design students typically participate in an international competition that involves cash prizes in their final year. This year, due to COVID-19, the event was cancelled leaving a gap in their final programming. Professor Zaiba Mian reached out to SLD’s VP of Branded Environments, Beverley Wells, to see if we could step up and we were delighted to seize the opportunity to support young designers as they embark on their careers.

Students were presented with a real-world challenge: we asked them to develop a student-focused bank branch that could live on their campus. They were provided with a fictitious bank brand, a complete brief that outlined all the project goals and a storytelling presentation structure to help them frame their work. As experts in retail bank design, we were excited to see how fresh young minds would approach the challenge.

Throughout the process, SLD designers consulted with the students as they worked on their designs. Once completed, the students anonymously submitted their work to be reviewed by a panel of judges including SLD President Jean-Pierre Lacroix, Design Strategist Janet Jones, Banking Industry Consultant Kunal Chopra, Interior Designer Glenn Dixon and SLD Creative Director, Sharon Eugene.

“Each of the submissions was very well done and honestly tough to judge,” explained Kunal. “The concepts are each unique and intriguing. The teams have done a fantastic job integrating technology, colour, layout with their concepts.”

Today, the winners were announced.

First Place – Ashley Pilkington

In first place, Ashley Pilkington’s concept of “Upward Trajectory” utilized spatial planning to draw the eye upward. Judge Sharon Eugene said of the entry, “The simplicity of the various forms and careful application of colour and texture is just enough to add interest and relief when needed to the space.”

Humber Design Ashley Pilkington Interior

Second Place – Dakota Bongers

In second place, Dakota Bongers used a round, red balloon motif to suggest flying to success.

Dakota Bongers Humber Competition Design

Third Place – Andy Co

In third place, Andy Co focused on building connections.

Andy Co third place Humber competition

First place was awarded a cash prize of $2000, second received $1500 and third place won $1000.

Congratulations to the winners!

Humber College Design Competition Winners